300-900MHz ASK High Power Transmitter Module


LW203M-ST is an AM transmitter module using Lexiwave’s LW203 RFIC designed for ASK communication systems. It consists of a Colpitts oscillator together with a dualstage RF power amplifier. Targeted applications are in the frequency band from 300MHz to 928MHz. By using an appropriate SAW resonator, LW203M can support both 315/433MHz and 886/915MHz UHF bands for ASK communication at low cost without any tuning. Given its dual power amplifier stage, it delivers very high output power while maintaining superior harmonic suppression to meet stringent FCC or ETSI emission requirements. It is particularly suitable for products requiring long range communication. LW203M-ST can also deliver sufficient radiated power for products having small or internal antenna. It is a complementary module to Lexiwave’s LW103M or LW103M-SR ASK receiver module to form a complete RF solution for ASK communication. A communication range of more than 500 meters in open area is typical.