433.92MHz RF Transmitter Module


LW433DTXM is a compact RF module for 433.93 MHz ISM band for US and European markets. It is ideal for remote control applications where low cost and longer range is required. Using a SAW stabilized resonator, the transmitter ensures accurate frequency control for best range performance without any tuning. The transmitter operates from a 1.5V ~ 12V supply, making it ideal for battery-powered applications. Output power and harmonic emissions are easy to control, making FCC and ETSI compliance easy. The low cost SIP package makes LW433DTXM suitable for high volume applications.


Frequency Range 433.92MHz
Frequency Accuracy ±100 KHz
Modulation ASK/ OOK
RF Output Power 4 dBm @ 3V (2mW)
12 dBm @ 5V (29mW)
Power Supply 1.5 ~ 12V
Power Supply for RF Transmit 4.9 mA @ 3V, Data = 1
100 μA @ 3V, Data = 0
Data Rate 8Kbps
Low Wakeup Time 1 μs
Input Pads -0.3 ~ 12V Tolerant
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ +70°C